Protection Glasses

Protection Glasses

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As nail techs we are subject to a HUGE amount of light, we work with LED, UV and desk lights all day and don’t even realise the damage that these lights cause our eyes. Throughout our day we are exposed to a whopping amount of harmful bright light during our working hours.

Our light reflecting glasses are perfect for keeping those harmful lights out of our eyes, reducing strain, tiredness, headaches and mostly protecting our eyes from any flying product!

Available in 4 colours & one standard size.

this is a pre order product and will ship starting from Jan 11th. 

Key benefits:

  • Fall to sleep faster and more consistently
  • Reduces headaches and sore eyes
  • Protects eyes from ultra violet light
  • Improves well being and feel more energized
  • Glasses Whole Width: approx. 143mm
  • Glasses Frame Height: approx. 45mm
  • Nose Bridge: approx. 15mm
  • Lens Width: approx. 50mmArm Length: approx. 145mm