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Hey girls & guys! 
Most of you are reading this because you were expecting this, but if you weren't then hi, I'm Ri the owner & founder or Ri'Glam (pronounced Ree - Glam). This store has now been open for just over 1 year, we celebrated our first birthday early this year and what a roller coaster of a year it has been! 
Just wanted to say firstly, a big massive thank you to our huge Ri fam, I would be lost without each and every one of you, and I really mean it! Without you guys I would not be able to pack the beauty store full of amazing things or be full of creativity. I wanted to create a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for everyone.
Right okay, onto the next topic which you all may have seen on our Insta story - JOKES! 
Okay so a lot of you got involved with this one, if you missed it, then not to worry, I have a list for you right here - 
IF YOU'RE WONDERING WHO HAS WON THE GLITTER GEL POT THEN ITS YOU @lmgnails  - Working in a mirror factory is something I can totally see myself doing & @jwnaildecals_ - Knock knock, Whos there?, Broken Pencil, Broken Pencil who?  Never mind its pointless, for the best jokes! 
Here are 5 of my faves from the Q & A: 
1.What do you call a fish with no eyes? 
FSH (this is a dad joke)
2.  How do you get a tissue to dance ? 
Put a  lil' boogie in it! (this is actually really funny) 
3. Why do cows wear bells?
Cos their horns don't work (pissing myself at this)
4. Someone stole my mood ring, I don't know how to feel about that. (legit cryiiiing)
5. I tried to catch fog yesterday, mist. (dying at this)
So thank you to everyone getting involved in the 'best jokes' post! There will be much more fun & engaging things going on in the future. 
Now, story time!
We are all reminded by our FB memories of maybe some of the worst but overall best times and memories over the years! Now I was having a scroll the other day and came across the videos of my pet duck - Woody (which may answer your questions about @jwnaildecals_ Ri Range - WHICH IS COMING OUT SOON MAY I ADD). We brought him home as just a lil' egg, and we popped him into the incubator where he stayed for weeks & weeks and turning this little egg over at least 4 times a day, topping up the water levels & moving the red heat lamp. And one day a few weeks later we got up to the same little egg which was now CRACKED! None of us knew what we were doing or what to do with this egg, so I pulled up a chair to the box and sat and watched this little fella tap away on the egg until he broke a hole and pop came out his beak (hence the name Woody as he reminded us of Woody the woodpecker). It took him nearly a whole 8 hours to break out of his shell and I did not move a muscle until he was out! Then that's when our life together began. He was my best friend & also thought he was a human, he would sit on the laptop with me, he would sit on the rug and watch Jeremy Kyle with me, he would love to eat a Tip Top (or whatever you call them from where you're from, Ice Pole, Ice Lolly, you get it), he loved pasta, he loved garlic bread, he used to love Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps. And he filled our life with joy for almost 12 years after that. Whenever we had visitors he used to put his wings out and run around in circles showing off, he used to hang off the holes in ripped jeans, he used to HATE the sight of mens trainers and became the best of friends with an eagle statue at the bottom of the garden who you could not touch or else you would have no hands left. Our other fur baby is a Lionhead rabbit called Lola Bear, for years they hated eachother but one day I went out to find them sleeping next to one another in her rabbit hutch, then they used to partake in snow play dates & nap dates together always! After Woody passed away there was a magpie up on the grass where he used to sit, she leaped up the steps & sat next to this random magpie (and my heart melted).
So seeing as it is 3 years this year since he left us for ducky heaven, I'm going to share some memories of us together! 
I've loved sharing this with you & hope you love reading this, for many more blog posts to come. 
Love Ri xxx 

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