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About Ri - 

Ri has always wanted to see her name in spotlights, regardless of where that may be, She has always been obsessed by glitter & diamonds (like a magpie). And wanted to start something different and that is when the beauty store was born.


She was just a little girl who loved sparkles, gems, fluff and glitter. Thinking tin foil PVA glued to her nails & stick on gems all over her little hands was absolutely ah-maze-ing!


I started this store as its my dream to give you all that feeling of 6 year old me with tin foil nails once had! 

It's okay to stand out & it's okay to be different. Don’t be pretty like them, be pretty like you.

This store is bursting at the seams with a wide variety of products for your one stop shopping spree of all things beauty.


So let your look do all the talking & remember that being extra is GOOD!

Lastly, thank you all for supporting me and taking time out to read this.  Anything else I can help you with, be sure to let me know.


Also, there is a 'chat now' button on the home page of the beauty store where a member of the team can assist you with any queries you may have. And also we know that the world is cruel sometimes, whatever you are facing, you are not alone, if you want to talk, we are only a message away.

Samaritans Helpline UK  - 116 123


Lots of love, Ri xxx

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